Monday, 20 April 2009

Doves gig on Friday night....

I had the Friday off last week and I went to see one of my favourite bands Doves a band from Madchester AKA Manchester. I’ve been fan of their work since their first album “Lost Souls” came out in 2000. I don’t what it is about the music they do but its life affirming and great chill out indie music. I often think that if there was a soundtrack of my life I’d have too add some songs from the band.

I don’t usually go to gigs there’s very few bands I like out there I don’t how many how many of many of you are seasoned gig goers out there, but I hate standing up for a long amount of time my legs just kill me! Recently I’ve been getting some back problems and I’m going to get it checked out.

This marks the third time I’ve seen the Mancunian band. The first time I went too see them was in 2002 I bumped into drummer/guitarist Andy Williams when I was queuing he signed my ticket which was quite memorable.

I really like the first two albums they did the second one being “The Last Broadcast” as for the follow ups “Some Cities”(2005) and the recent Kingdom of Rust there just a slight notch off the previous two but they are both entertaining.

When I got there some support band were playing and I wasn’t much interested in them. When the main act came on I got a good view of still, I noticed that there was a small seating area above me and I kept thinking “I wonder if can get a seat or are they just for the press?” Another which thing irritated me were a pair of Liverpudulian lads they were far too loud and were moaning that one of their favourite song wasn't played.

Whilst the band was playing there some kind of scuffle in the audience which led to a funny remark from the lead vocalist and guitarist, Jimi Goodwin! With the attempted beat em up swiftly packed up by security the band played on.

From the set list they played quite a lot from the new album mixed with their back catalogue. I didn’t mind the new stuff in retrospect; I’m really starting to have a better appreciation of the new album. Tracks that stick out are as "Kingdom of Rust","Snowden" "Words" and the classic "Here It Comes" which was performed with footage from a Northern Soul disco!

The last encore track was "There goes the fear" along with the concertgoers i was getting caught up the enthusiastic atmosphere they really should hand out Maracas and Samba Whistles when this is performed in future gigs cos' its brilliant and a great end to an amazing night out.

I think the next time i go to a gig i think i'm going to have to look for a seating area...

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Trav28 said...

Great write up Neil! Looking forward to your review of Crank 2.