Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Flash of Genius

Starring Greg Kinnear,Lauren Graham,Dermot Mulroney,Alan Alda,Jake Abel, Daniel Roebuck and Mitch Pileggi

Directed by Marc Graham.

Originally today i was going to watch a Clive Owen film called Duplicity they didn't have the print. Instead they put this on, its about an inventor called Bob Kearns(Kinnear) who creates an automatic windscreen wiper for cars back then it was a big deal. He takes his pet project to the Ford motor company, but they soon steal his idea. Furious that they stole his invention he begins a lengthy legal battle that almost costs him his sanity and his marriage.

OK i missed i don't know a few minutes of the film i couldn't quite into it properly and its the kind of movie that's probably best suited as a TV movie of the week. My initial thoughts were it was going to be a comedy since Kinnear is known for doing fluffy romantic comedies. The main problem with it is its too dull and let's face it, whose going to watch a film about a man who creates windscreen wipers. On a side note you've got appearances from actors like Mitch Pileggi and Bill Smitrovich who appeared in 90's shows The X Files and Millennium.

With FOG I liked Kinnear's turn as a professor who goes all nutty when his idea gets nicked by the end of it i couldnt help noticing he looks like the spitting image of TV detective Inspector Sledge Hammer! I expected him to get a 44 magnum and shooting executives and jurors in the courtroom. Okay that didn't happen. I wonder if you lot remember the comedy series? Probably they should get Kinnear to play the role of the aforementioned TV tec' if someone decides to do a remake.

Furthermore, trust me i know what i'm doing!

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Sledgehammer - brings back memories of all those cr*ppy US shows that I used to (actually) watch... V...