Monday, 28 June 2010

New Site New Danger.

Forgive me if you haven't seen any film reviews or anything comic related on this blog site between now and the last post. Ive got my own website and I'll be posting stuff up on that site from now on. So what does this mean for this blog? Well I don't know I really don't. Probably if I want to talk about my feelings and just random nonsense I'll write here by the looks of it..

As for the site it allows me a platform for me to promote the work I've done. Just recently I've written short bios for comic convention so its a start nonetheless.My own site was done by a friend and it cost me over £200 I'm going to try and update it on weekly basis its going to be about comics, films and the odd action figure review.

So without further ado here's Dangerwrites.