Friday, 6 June 2008

More about myself

One of the main reasons why i created this blog is to jumpstart my writing career ive done written work for a magazine, it's called Voice 21 Ive been writing for this magazine for years its a quarterly periodical its aimed at yoofs who live in Sandwell. but if you if wanna find out more check out their website,

Why do i wanna work in the media? That's a good question i'll give you two answers, ive always been interested in magazines journalism etc. I think it started off with me as a kid reading comics,newspapers ive got over a thousand comics and i have to admit there's some stuff i bought and i haven't even read! The second one is abit poignant i didn't do well in school and screwed up in sixth form i ended up doing the wrong course and made a total hash of it. Its like "If i only knew then what i know now". Still "one must not dwell on the past" as they say. But i can't help having regrets.

There's a great perk about writing for V21. In fact its the only one, well whenever im there, they always seem to have a food buffet! The big one is i get to go to press showing's. There basically film's shown for critics and what i'll be doing is posting a review of films ive seen, once i get used to this blogging lark...