Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Stuff Round The House Part Two...

Hi Its time to put your geek duffel coat on as i thought I'd show you some more picture that I've taken using my camera the first one is my extensive action figure collection. "It's starts with just one and turns to two then three" That what Ricky Wilson sings in the song "The Angry Mob". I guess i could say the same about my figure collection way back in 02 i saw a picture of a Hulk figure.

It was part of series called Marvel Legends the figures were super poseable so you could re create action pose from the comics. I was impressed by the sculpt and articulation i ended up buying the figure at the time i thought only about buying the Hulk figure from that point it all snowballed from there, i ended up quite a lot as you see over the years!

The toy line was originally conceived by Toy Biz, they are a part of Marvel Comics recently the rights to make toys about Marvel characters were bought by another company, Hasbro I've bought a few of them most of the sculpts look like knock offs from Madame Tussuad's unlike the realistic sculpts used by Toy Biz. Since Hasbro took over they've been quite expensive and the line is only released as exclusive ranges in American stores.

Its a shame as there's loads of collectors and kids in this country who are hungry for Marvel Comics related action figures....

Graphic Novels
As the year is about to draw to an end, I'm thinking of cutting back on my never ending collection of comics. I really need to cut down on comics. I've got loads... far too much in fact, there some that i haven't read. I've been into comics since i was a kid i love the art form but i want to stop but its hard man... Buying graphic novels saves time and money on monthly comics it's got the shelves creaking! As you look at one of the pictures you'll notice that there is a title called Marvel Omnibus Incredible Hulk its reprints the early tales of the Hulk. That tome cost me £64 quid still, I'm glad i got it...
What ever i post next will be different I'm not going to keep going on about comics and action figures but what ever i write about i would just like to say Happy New Year everybody!

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